Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, UAE

31 August – 2 September 2018


Keynote Presentations

The life course approach depends on communication and collaboration between a number of stakeholders involved in the health and social care of people with disabilities. Distinguished International Speakers will come together from a range of sectors and professional areas including dentistry, medical sociology, psychology, speech and language pathology and public health epidemiology and National Patient Organisations.,

Prof. Barry Gibson

Oral Health and Disability – The Life Course Approach

Dr. Manu Raj Mathur

Sustainable Development Goals – Addressing inequalities in oral health for people with disabilities and disadvantages

Prof. Francesco D’Aiuto

The oral micro-biome – Its effects on Systemic Disease throughout the life course

Dr Anna Esbensen

Psychological and Behavioural Effects of ageing in Down Syndrome

Brian O’Mahony

Advocating and Lobbying – a valuable skill for driving change

Ricardo Santos

Myofunctional approaches to management of obstructive sleep apnea – the evidence base through the life course


Evidence Informed Disability and Oral Health Seminars delivered by experts from member countries of IADH including USA, Spain, France, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, India, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Argentina and Turkey.

Biological Approaches to disease management throughout the life-course  of people with disabilities

Working with hard to reach parents and caregivers in the home using technology and media

Models of Care – working with carers of dependent older adults in urban, rural and remote areas

Inter-Disciplinary Behavioural Approaches to Facilitate Dental Care for people with Autism

Concepts of Dysphagia

Improving outcomes for oral rehabilitation for people with disabilities under general anaesthesia and sedation

Advocacy in Special Care Dentistry

Orthodontics and Disability

Improving Oro-Motor Function in people with neuro-disability

Education and Training in Special Care Dentistry

Pre-Congress Seminars – Disability and Oral Health

  1. Medical Problems in Dentistry
  2. Oral Health and Rare Disorders
  3. Special Olympics- Special Smiles
  4. Hands on Course in Statistics – As Applied to Special Care Dentistry