Education and Training in Special Care Dentistry

Facilitator: Shelagh Thompson

The session will provide delegates with information on how other educators have introduced and embedded education and training in Special Care Dentistry (SCD) in their Schools and Institutions.

The emphasis of the session will be based on the congress theme A Lifecourse approach to Disability and Oral Health and how teaching can be applied using this approach.

In his welcome letter, Professor Shouji Hironaka, iADH President stated ‘the chains of risk can be broken and other interventions may be especially effective during the key life transitions, e.g. late adolescence to early adulthood and dependency in older age. It is an optimistic approach, but one which raises questions for policy, training and research’.

This is true within education in Special Care Dentistry and what we learn from each other.

Short presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion to share experiences and suggest solutions to develop a Lifecourse approach to SCD, inter-professional education and networking.

Time Title and institutionTitle of presentation

15 mins
Prof. Dr. Shelagh Thompson

School of Dentistry

University of Liverpool,

England, UK
Welcome and introduction to session

An overview of the Lifecourse approach to teaching and training in Special Care Dentistry.

10 mins
Prof. Dr. Andreas Schulte

Dental School

University of Witten

Teaching undergraduate dental students in the only department for Special Care Dentistry in Germany, focusing on patients with different kinds of intellectual disabilities in all age groups:

comparisons with the IADH curriculum.

10 mins
Prof.Dr Cem Dogan

Dental Faculty

Cukurova University

Paediatric aspects of teaching and training in Special Care Dentistry including the transitional years.

10 mins
Dr Mas Ahmad

University of Malaysia
Empowering multidisciplinary care for people with disabilities via interprofessional oral health education involving medical, nursing and allied health students

10 mins
Dr Mohamad Saad

Beirut Arab University

PG student taking

MSc in Special Care Dentistry, University College London

Process of establishing the academic and clinical aspects of Special Care Dentistry in Lebanon: A promising Challenge

10 mins
Dr Nadiya Al-Kindi

Specialist in Special Needs Dentistry

Ministry of Health of Oman Oman Dental College
Special Care Dentistry in Oman:

Steady steps towards the future.

20 mins
Open Floor interactive session

Facilitator- Prof Shelagh Thompson
15.30End of Session