Orofacial Dysfunctions

Orofacial dysfunctions are present in all ages and relate to several diagnoses, both congenital and acquired. Any dysfunction in the area of the face and mouth can have great impact on important body functions and may negatively affect quality of life. In case of orofacial dysfunction, oral health is also at risk. Thus, all professionals in the dental team should have sufficient knowledge about orofacial function and strategies on how to best care for this group of patients, throughout the whole life span. Young children with eating disorders, adolescents with myofunctional disorders and geriatric patients with reduced oral clearance – they all need care from a multiprofessional team. In this seminar, we will cover a spectrum of disorders with emphasis on questions related to orofacial function. The presenters come from different parts of the world and together they represent a multiprofessional dental team.”

Treatment strategies on orofacial dysfunctions

Lorena Sepúlveda, Chile

Strategies for providing dental treatment to children with orofacial dysfunctions

Daniel Carreño, Chile

The intricate link between form and function – Clinical experience from working with children and adolescence with congenital and acquired myofunctional disorders

Åsa Mogren, Sweden

Oral health perspectives on orofacial functions in craniofacial disorders

Pamela Åsten, Norway

Oral Dysfunction and Stroke

Coleman McGrath, Hongkong