Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, UAE

31 August – 2 September 2018


Dear Friends,

As President of iADH I wish to sincerely encourage you to consider attending the forthcoming congress in Dubai and we look forward to working with the Turkish Society for Disability and Oral Health to make this a most worthwhile and memorable occasion. Poor oral health carries a high burden for people with disabilities and disadvantages and impacts on their general health and quality of life. Our chosen theme will consider the influence of early life factors relative to genetic and later life factors on adult oral health and ageing. A life course approach will allow us explore and consider chains of risk that can be broken and consider times and types of intervention that may be especially effective, particularly during key life transitions, e.g. late adolescence to early adulthood and dependency in older age. It is an optimistic approach, but one which raises questions for policy, training and research. Ensuring better oral health for people with disabilities and disadvantages requires a team approach and at IADH we offer a friendly, inclusive and professional global network of like-minded individuals. We encourage participation and attendance from all dental and allied specialities alongside interested inter-disciplinary professionals from health and social care. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you in Dubai.

Prof. Shouji Hironaka

IADH President

Ilknur TanbogaDear Colleagues and Friends,

As the President of the Turkish Society for Disability and Oral Health, I am delighted to invite you to Dubai to participate in the 24th IADH Congress, which will be held in 2018.

Following the successful IADH Congresses of the previous years, we have now the great pleasure to welcome you in Dubai, one of the most attractive, mistic and cultural cities in the world.

The 24th IADH 2018 will be a unique opportunity to provide an outstanding platform for all participants including young scientists, researchers, technical and professional experts, corporate representatives and policy makers to share their projects, scientific experiences, innovations and ideas on Oral Health Science for the People with Disabilities and Disadvantages.

The keynote speakers participating from all around the world will bring high standards and new visions to the field. Sessions covering all aspects of Oral Health Science for the People with Disabilities and social and cultural events will contribute to the success of the Congress.

We are looking forward to hosting participants from all over the world in Dubai. Our aim is to turn this congress into an unforgettable scientific event for all and we hope to share the fascinating atmosphere of this metropolis with you.

Let’s meet in Dubai in 2018!

Sincerely yours…

Prof. Dr. Ilknur TANBOĞA